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Rust Busters have been providing quality service to South Australians for over 35 years.

Based in Port Lincoln with complete mobile operations we are able to service areas across the state.

We specialize in Commercial , Industrial & Residential corrosion treatment. 

Rust Busters are able to treat your rust or corrosion concerns using a high pressure Garnet or Water based Blasting system which can be performed at our Port Lincoln warehouse or in a mobile capacity at your Home or Place of Business. 


It is vitally important to maintain and treat corrosion on your plant , machinery , equipment & assets.


To avoid this or put this off could result in loss of equipment , loss of structural integrity proving costly for your home or business and potentially causing work place safety hazards , creating risk to yourself and others.

* Balustrades * Chassis * Rims * Bull Bars * Structural Steel * Posts * BBQ Plates
* Swimming pools * Semi Trailers * Boats * Bike Frames * Boat Trailers * Car Trailers 
* Fencing * Storage Tanks * Tractors * Machinery * Sewing Machines * Silo's 

Corrosive metal ?  We can help !

* Abrasive Blasting * Corrosion Treatment * Structural Steel

We specialize in Industrial & Residential corrosion treatment 

Rust Busters hold Environmental Protection Authorization for On site & Off site work ( EPA ) 

Our personnel are specifically trained in a range of areas to suit your work , whether it be confined space or high risk we have the staff and skills to do the job 

Rust Busters hold the appropriate licenses to suit all needs 

* High Risk EWP
* Confined Space 
* Contractors Cards 
* White Card 
* Yellow Card 
* HR - HC * Excavator 
* Fork lift * Roller
* Crane * Front end loader

* Boat * Skid steer 

* Coating Inspection Cert Australasian Corrosion 

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line
Dealing with corrosion while working at heights in a fuel storage depo

High pressure water washing was required initially , we then used 2 coats of international 1180 epoxy followed by international 990 polyurethane 

We used a NACE Accredited coating Inspector to assure the internal job was done right 

EWP Licence 
Yellow Card 
High Risk working at Heights 

What is rust? How does it form?

When iron or steel corrodes, the result is iron oxide, or what we call rust. Steel is mostly composed of iron ore. In its natural state, iron ore looks much like rust: dark red and finely grained, with a tendency to hold moisture.

Three elements are required for corrosion to exist: a protected metal, a corroded metal, and a current-conducting medium between the two. When two dissimilar metals are brought into contact, one will become the protected metal, and the other will become the corroded metal. Plant operators may recognize environmental situations that are conducive to corrosion.

Travel Boat

What is Garnet Blasting media?

Garnet blasting Media is used for a wide variety of blasting applications. Used in both dry and wet abrasive blasting, Garnet Grit offers high performance and recyclability. The hardness and bulk density make this media ideal for general purpose surface preparation


We offer Wet or Dry Garnet Garnet Blasting which is suitable for most blasting applications 

Garnet is ideal as a disposable blasting media for the removal of existing coatings, rust and other impurities

It is a natural sand with an aggressive effect !

Dry Garnet is a reusable blasting media with angular particles which also has an iron content.

Applications include
Rust removal
High-pressure water jet cutting medium

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